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Autism resources / SEN awareness products and visual aids to help your autistic/special needs child with their visual auditory processing skills.

All our resources are widely used in special needs/main stream schools to support their learning, social skills of all autistic, global delay, SPD, aspergers, speech delay and disorders, ADHD and many more special needs requirements.

Children and adults on the autistic spectrum can benefit from using visuals regardless of their ability or age. They give them the opportunities to communicate and express themselves without complications so helping them to interdependency. Visuals can be timetables and schedules, clock timetables, prompt boards and keyrings to name a few.

Areas where Visuals can help people with ASD Behaviour, social skills, timetables, transition and changes, curriculum, instructions, reminders, choices, feelings, and more...

Timetables help by creating structure and routine therefore lowering anxieties about what is going to happen and when.
This in turn can help with independent skills for example our morning routine, set this up the evening before and your child/adult can see what they need to do when they get up and in what order, so get up, breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed etc, having routines set out this way helps reinforce what is expected therefore lowering anxieties. These also help with reading skills as we read left to right or top to bottom.


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