About Us

We are the proud parents of a daughter who is on the spectrum with a rare medical condition. By working closely with her school and therapist plus drawing on Sandra's knowledge in Autism,  we quickly put visuals in place for her as we know most autistic children and adults are visual learners. Once these had been put in place her communication, social skills and behaviour improved. This helped lower her anxieties and frustration as she was non verbal until she was nearly 9. . Please browse our pages and talk to yours childs teachers to find out visuals can help you and your child at home, school, playgroup, pre-school.

ASD Bright Ideas was born so that it gives Tanya some independece as she gets older. Tanya has been involved from the start with her own ideas and has designed some of the products, because she has little chance of surviving in the normal work place the plan is that she will eventually take over the day to day running of the business, all be it with our support, therefore giving her some independence.

Why use visuals? Children and adults on the autistic spectrum can benefit from using visuals regardless of their ability or age it gives them the opportunities to communicate and express themselves without complications so helping them to interdependency. Visuals can be timetables and schedules, clock timetables, prompt boards and keryings to name a few. Areas where Visuals can help people with ASD behaviour social skills timetables transition and changes curriculum instructions reminders choices feelings and more Timetables help by creating structure and routine therefore lowering anxieties about what is going to happen and when. This in turn can help with independent skills for example our morning routine, set this up the evening before and your child/adult can see what they need to do wheb they get up and in what order, so get up, breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed etc, having routines set out this way helps reinforce what is expected therefore lowering anxieties. These also help with reading skills as we read left to right or top to bottom.  

All our resources are widely used in special needs schools to support their learning, social skills of all autistic, aspergers, speech delay & disorders, ADHD and many more special needs requirements.

Our visual resources have been tried and tested not only by ourselves but also  parent/carers/teachers and speech therapist of ASD/Special Needs children. All our symbols are widgit which children use at school/playgroup and are produced under licence.