Classroom/School Visual Pack a great school resource


IDEAL PACK IF YOU HAVE A CHILD WITH SEN IN YOUR CLASS OR IF YOU ARE A TA WORKING AS AN INA We are often asked what resources we would recommend for use in the class room so we have put together this classroom pack of our tried and tested classroom items Items included in this pack are: Class symbols pack - this pack contains 40 symbols symbols included are : ICT, story time, lunch time, numbers, register, speech, art, ?, RE, science, assembly, phonics, school trip, PE, history, circle time, maths, writing, computer, reading, snack time, tidy up, music, PSHE, toilet, soft play, swimming, carpet time, playtime, topic, home time, quiet time, water play, library, minibus, sand play, field trip, craft time also included in this pack is a "we are learning board" symbols size : 3.5cm x 3.5cm. - - - - Symbols Keyring - contains 40 symbols and matches the above ideal for when working with a child to remind them of the activity supplied on a stretch keyring (please note the colour of the keyring may vary from the red one shown) - - - - Our Class Behaviour Chart - This chart is a great way of helping to control behaviour, in the morning all the children's names are around the sun, then if they are not following the rules or doing the right thing their name gets moved into the grey cloud, if they continue not to do the right thing their name is moved into the black cloud. Just write each child's name on the yellow cards supplied x 30 plus and attach with bluetac (not supplied), the idea of this chart is if their behaviour improves they can be moved back towards the sun, which from experience is a great motivator. Each day all the children start off around the sun so no behaviour is carried over to the next day. - - - - My Timetable - This chart is for when you have a child in your class who you find hard to keep on task or you are an INA working 1:1 with a child, you place the activities in order on the card (that matches the class timetable) and when they have completed that activity they place a tick next to it. This also helps if the child has to go to out of the class for speech therapy which the rest of the class isn't doing so it pre warns them that there is going to be a change - - - - all items are laminated for durability and have velcro attached apart from the sun 40 + sun cards so this set is ready to use the moment you receive it

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