My Happy Book


We devised the "My Happy Book" to help our daughter who is autistic and has a rare medical condition in times of anger and when she was sad. We set up the book with pictures of her faviourite things that she would look at. The idea behind the book is that she would go and look at her book when she felt angry, alone or sad and we found it help distract her from being angry and helped with her anxiety levels. Due to the book being laminated the pictures can be changed as your childs faviourite thing changes as we know they do sometimes weekly DESCRIPTION 1 x A4 book containing 6 double sided pages each laminated for durability and spiral bound pages covered Cover add a photo of your child just attach with blue tac or velcro my favourite colour is my favourite animal is my favourite place is my favourite DVD is my favourite toy is my favourite food is my favourite game is These things also make me feel happy (space to add four more pictures) the final page say "Now I have looked at my Happy Book I wont feel so sad or angry"

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