Hygiene Pack


We are often asked what resources we would recommend with hygiene such as brush teeth, wash etc., so we have put put together this pack of 9 of our tried and tested most popular items at a reduced price than if you purchase these items individually, Items included in this pack are: Hygiene Chart - 7 day reminder chart. Constant reminder to remind your child to brush their teeth AM/PM, wash their face, shower/bath. This simple board is easy to use just get your child to place a tick on the chart each time they finish doing what is required. symbols size : A4, printed on good quality card, laminated for durability and spiral bound supplied with 28 ticks (see photo for more details) - - - - Prompt Charts included in this pack Brush Teeth Bath Shower Wash Hair Wash Hands Toilet Wash Face All our prompt charts are A4 in size and printed on good quality card, laminated for durability all corners have been removed so to make them safe. - - - - We have also included a Stop Here Sign for the use of toilet paper, just attach the sign using bluetac (not supplied) underneath your toilet paper holder at a position you are happy with and your child can instantly see how much toilet paper to use. printed on good quality card and laminated for durability size is 16cm by 71/2cm

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