Money Pack


Money Pack following on from my money workbooks, this two boards help with reconising money, it also helps with adding up coins and notes. This is a great fun activity for some 1 to 1 time to.

supplied with : 1 x piggy bank board, 1 x matching board, 10 x 1p's 10 x 2p's 10 x 5p's 10 x 10p's 10 x 20p's 10 x 50p's    10 x £1's 10 x £2's 8 x £5's 8 x £10's 2 x £20's 2 x £50's and 1 x wipe clean pen

to use : just place the coins on the piggy bank board and get your child to add up the value of the coins/nots



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