My timetable

This chart is great if your child is home taught, has a tutor or for classroom use for when you have a child in your class who you find hard to keep on task or you are an INA working 1:1 with a child simply place the activities on the chart in the order you require them to be done and then when the child has completed the activity they place a tick next to it DESCRIPTION supplied with : 1 x A5 board 40 symbols ICT, story time, lunch time, numbers, register, speech, art, ?, RE, science, assembly, phonics, school trip, PE, history, circle time, maths, writing, computer, reading, snack time, tidy up, music, PSHE, toilet, soft play, swimming, carpet time, playtime, topic, home time, quiet time, water play, library, minibus, sand play, field trip, craft time 5 x ticks
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