My Weekly Calendar


My Weekly Calendar is a must for any home so you child knows what is happening during the week it can also be used as how many sleeps to a party/swimming/horse riding etc. so helping to lower anxieties about the week ahead.

Supplied with : 1 x A4 board 45 symbols 7 x homes, 5 x school, have a friend to play, swimming, cinema, go to a friends house, ballet, barbers, beach, club, dentist, doctors, football, grandparents, hairdressers, horse riding, hospital, library, McDonalds, opticians, park, party, 5 x playgroup, seaside, shopping, shops, sleep over, supermarket, swings visit friends 9 blanks are also included so you can add your own details for more details please see the photo if any of the symbols are not what you need just remove the velcro and add your own details on the back 

To use  just set up weekly so your child can see when an activity is happening 

Extra symbols are available under Symbols-PECs

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