My weekly Calendar extra activities and places

This pack is extra symbols (PECS) that go with the My Weekly Calendar in my listings


Over 50+ symbols

These symbols fit the My Calendar in my listing (approx. size 22mm x 20mm)

symbols supplied with this pack are:

5 x homework, 4 x blanks to add your own, activities, ball pool, bowling, brownies, beavers, café, child minder, chippy, church, circus, club, country park, farm, free play funfair, ipad, jigsaws, KFC, nannies house, nurse, occupational therapy, OT/PT, painting, reading, restaurant, sea life centre, soft play, speech therapy, theatre, theme park, TV, vets, visit aunties, wii, xbox, youth club, zoo, computer, play dough, cooking, craft, DVD, ds, holiday, birthday.

for more details please see the photo

if any of the symbols are not what you need just remove the velcro and add your own details on the back

- - - -

all items are printed on good quality card, laminated for durability and have velcro attached

so this set is ready to use the moment you receive it
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