Autism at Pre-school today


Autism At Pre School today  is a great resource to help your child tell you what they did at preschool, especially useful if your child is non-verbal or has speech delays We found this a great resource for our daughter who is autistic . She had very little language skills and to be able to let us know what she had done at it also helped lower her frustration when she got in.

Supplied with : 1 x approx A5 at preschool  today I board, 1 x A5 holding board, 20 x symbols plus 4 blanks to add your own details.

Tip : When we first used the board we limited the number of symbols she could choose this was helped by her teacher letting us know what she had done during the day in her home/school book. look at our other listings for the home/school communication book which works well with this. Once she had place the symbols on the board we were able to talk to her about her day therefore encouraging language skills. 

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