Bedtime social story


1 x A5 book containing 6 double sided pages each laminated for durability and spiral bound pages covered are page 1 when its time for bed I will ..... (a picture of a clock is included on this page with moveable hands so you can set the time-see photo) page 2 take my clothes off and page 3 put my pyjamas on page 4 I will brush my teeth and page 5 go to my bedroom and get into bed page 6 sometimes I will have a story read to me page 7 I will say good night, close my eyes and fall asleep page 8 If I stay in my bed all night I will get a star in the morning for my chart page 9 If I fill my chart with stars I will get a surprise (star chart is in the book-see photo) 7 stars included with the book and finally If I stay in my bed and fill my chart everyone will be happy

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