Autism Shopping List


MY Autism SHOPPING LIST AND BASKET AT MUST FOR WHEN SUPERMARKET SHOPPING  A great resource for helping you when you are shopping with you child. When we took our daughter shopping she would have major meltdown due to her sensory issues so we devised the shopping basket, we would put items she could get on her shopping list and when she had found them poped them in the basket, his kept her focused on the task and anxiety levels low. If you have been to the supermarket with your child you will understand how hard it is but this simple shopping basket helps to eliminate some of those anxieties.

Supplied with : 1 x A5 Shopping List  40 x symbols and 4 x blanks to add your own detail  approx size  2.5cm x 2.5cm

TIP:  When you first use this  just start with a couple of items on the list to buy and leave then slowly increase the number of items you need to buy so you will eventually be able to do a full shop. 

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