At the Weekend I am doing......


Autistm Weekend routine is an Ideal visual planner for the weekend, helps stop that constant questioning of what is happening, also helps non verbal children so they can see the weekend plans.

Supplied with 1 x A4 board laminated and 33 symbols approx size 22mm x 20mm and 4 blanks to add your own details symbols supplied are : home x 2, beach, park, McDonald, swings, swimming, cinema, ballpool, bowling,circus, soft play, funfair, horseriding, play park, sealife centre, seaside, theme park, visit friends, KFC, barbeque, museum, picnic, have a friend to play, birthday, party, grandparents, zoo, visit auntie, burger king, shopping,shops and sleep over our weekly calendar extras,first next last extras and holiday calendar extra symbols work well with this resources.

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