When the clock says.. WITH CD clock


Great resource to help with the concept of time, when things are going to happen and with the learning of how to tell the time. Supplied with : 1 x A4 board with a clock face and movable hands symbols included are: brushing teeth, a snack, bed, pyjamas, playgroup, school, a bath, a shower, lunch, dinner, breakfast, getting dressed and 4 blanks to add your own details. symbol size : 8cm x 2cm approx. you will also receive all the quarter past symbols, quarter too and half past from 1-12 (see photo) symbol size : 5cm x 2cm approx, also included are all the o'clock symbols from 1-12 (see photo) symbol size 8cm x 2cm approx. AM & PM is also include so these can be added to the smaller symbols which helps with the concept of morning and afternoon. symbol size: 5cm x 2cm approx. You will also receive a fully working wall mounted battery operated CD clock - battery is supplied. To set this up just place the clock and the board close together so your child can see when the clock hands match its time for...... the board clock can also be used to help with time telling

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