How Many Sleeps 12 Months Countdown Calendar


How Many Sleeps countdown Calendar is only countdown calendar you will ever need. This calendar can help lower anxieties of when an event is about to happend and how many sleeps until that event.

Supplied with 1 x A4 calendar board, 12 x month symbols 10 x home symbols, 25 x school symbols, 25 xno school symbols, 1 x birthday symbol, 1 x easter symbol, 1 x christmas symbol,1 x christmas eve, 1 x boxing day, 1 x new years eve, 1 x new years day,  1 x party symbol, 1 x holiday symbol.

To use  just set up as you would any calendar work out which day the 1st of the month falls and work from there,  get your child to remove that days symbol  usually at bedtime and do a countdown to how many sleeps.

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