Autism Communication Wall


Autism Communication Wall is ideal to place on your wall, door fridge etc so your child know where their symbols are and where to look so they know what is happening during the day

Supplied with : 1 x A4 Communication wall board 7 x days of the week, 12 x months of the year, number 0 - 9 including 2 number 1's and 21 number 2's, 6 x feelings cards, 5 x weather cards. 39 x what am I doing today cards, 1 x I want please board, 13 x I want symbols plus 3 blanks to add your own details, 1 x A5  my behaviour board, 7 x green faces, 7 x red faces, 1 x A5 I am on a waring chart, 1 x green face 1 x red face, 1 x orange face. Also included is 4 x mounting boards to place the symbols 

Please note the symbols will not be placed on the boards but supplied in bags so you can arrange yourself or leave in the bags depending on the space you have for your communication wall.

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