3 Days of Christmas Routine Boards


3 Days of Christmas Routine Boards - 3 great boards to cover the important days over Christmas where routines are different this time of year. These boards are a must to to help keep routine and normal as possible over the festive period.

Supplied with : 1 x Christmas Eve A5 board, 1 x Christmas Day A5 board and 1 x Boxing Day A5 board,  and 1 of each of the following breakfast, get dressed, wash and brush teeth, shower, visit friends, christmas dinner, grandparents house, bath, car, grandparents visiting, bedtime, family visiting, visiting family, tea, pantomime, pyjamas, shops, dinner, play, tv, walk, christmas eve box, games, film, visit father christmas, carol service, 2 each of presents and ?. 4 x blanks

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