CCVC Trace Write Playdough Boards


CCVC (consonant - constonant - vowel - consonant) boards, this great activity will help your child improved their word volcabulary and help to develop their phonic ability as well as their fine motor and pen skills.

Supplied with : 10 x CCVC word boards, which includes twin-gran-clap-frog-spin-stop-skip-crab-flag-swim  also supplied with 1 x wipe clean pen PLEASE NOTE PLAYDOUGH IS NOT SUPPLIED

To use 
: get your child to first trace the word and if they can say the word as they write it  this will help develop their reading skills, if they are unable to don't worry as the writing will help with their fine motor and pen control skills. Next get them to make the word using playdough (not supplied).

for a video of this great resource check out our Facebook pageby clicking the link below

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