Starter Pack Introduction in to symbols & PEC's





Starter Pack has been been put together as we are often asked what resources we would recommend when our children are first diagnosed. This starter pack comprises of 8 of our tried and tested most popular items at a reduced price than if you purchase them individually. Once you are familiar with symbols and pecs this set can be added to giving you a full range of symbols and pecs for most situations, also check our our range of social stories which help when a child has been diagnosed to help with behaviour and understanding.

Supplied with:

1. Home symbols pack - this pack contains over 80 symbols along with a now next board, and a today is board where you can add the day (week symbols included) and your child's routine during the morning/afternoon/evening symbols size : 3.5cm x 3.5cm.

2. I am on a Warning Chart - ideal for when your child cannot hear the spoken words helps your child understand that their behaviour is not acceptable. Printed on A5 good quality card and laminated for durability, 3 warning faces 1 red, 1 orange and 1 green.

3. My Behaviour Chart - helps your child to see instantly what their behaviour is like, the faces can be changed throughout the day allowing them to see how they are behaviour. Printed on A5 good quality card and laminated for durability, 7 smiley faces and 7 sad faces

4. Worry Bag - helps lower anxiety levels, we devised this for our own daughter who was constantly worrying, throughout the day we wrote down her worries and popped them in the bag and said "the worry bag would sort it out", because her worry had gone in the bag her anxiety levels dropped, if she approached the subject of the worry bag we would sit quietly and go through her worries with her. (we never mentioned looking in the bag and most times she didn't mention it) If we did look inside we found we had the time to answer her worries in a calm and relaxed way before bed. Printed on natural cotton size 10cm x 13cm

5. Feelings Fan - ideal to help your child understand their feelings/emotions great if your child is non-verbal.  printed on good quality card, laminated for durability supplied on a springy keyring, (please note colour of keyring may vary from one in the photo)

6.  Do Not Touch Signs - set of 6, great for teaching your child not to touch objects around the home, stops you from constantly say "don't touch" as they can instantly see they are not allowed. Just attach with bluetac or velcro and place on the item in question, printed on good quality card and laminated 

7. My Home School Calendar - helps your child understand when they are at home or at school so helps lower their anxiety levels. Our own daughter was never a lover of school and would moan she had to go so we used to blame it on the calendar saying it was school and not us, therefore reverting her anger from us. Supplied with 1 My calendar board, 7 home symbols (to cover school holidays) 7 school symbols and 1 moveable arrow, printed on good quality card, laminated for durability.

8. Traffic Lights Keyring - helps your child know when an activity is about to start and finish, when an activity is about to start show the green card, when you want to child to finish give them a warning that its about to finish by showing them the orange card (this gives them time to process that the activity is about to end) and final show them the red card when you want it to finish. This  can also be used as a behaviour tool for when out and about red behaviours bad, orange getting bad, and green great well done. Printed on good quality card, laminated for durability and supplied on a stretch keyring, please note colour of keyring may vary from that shown) size 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"

9. FREE Symbols Clock - just use the symbols from the home symbol pack and set it up as you would any visual daily timetable. 1 x 9" clock AA battery NOT SUPPLIED 

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