My Weekly Reward Chart with pen


My weekly reward chart, is an ideal chart to encourange your child to do chores such as tidying their room, bringing their washing down or to  encourage good behaviour such as having a good day at school, the list is endless with this versatile reward chart.

Supplied with 1 x A4 laminated board, 35 x stars, 1 x dry wipe pen

To Use with the dry wipe pen write the request down then in the to earn stars I will box, the each time they complete that task that day reward them with a star, at the end of the day total the daily stars earned. At the bottom of the chart is a section where you decided how many stars they should earn to receive a reward, its broken down into 3 sections so for example  it can be 35 stars they will received an hour on their xbox 20 stars just half hour extra time or just 10 stars no xbox time, its upto you how you want this to work and because its wipe clean each week can be different.

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